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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Immigration Blog

In the early 1920's the United States had many immigrants from Europe and even Asia migrate to come explore a new land with hopes for a fresh start. The increased immigration did lead to increased jobs, however, it also made it harder to find a home due to all of the overcrowding. This in term led to the United States passing immigration laws that prohibited refugees from entering and living in the United States. These laws did help but in hurt the government's public image. Turning down people from other countries seemed heartless in the eyes of others and one of the most famous cases of this was in 1939. FDR did not let 907 Jews from Europe enter and because of this they went back to there homeland only to be hunted and killed in gas chambers by the Germans. Did FDR make the right decision? I think he did and it was very unlucky how the Jews were sent back during the holocaust. That's just my opinion.


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Chris Hughes

Monday, February 20, 2017

When slavery was abolished in 1865, slaves' lives improved but not by much. They were still looked down on by the rest of society and did not have any rights. They still worked the same jobs only for a lower wage and most lived in poverty. The conditions African Americans had to live with, however, were still better than those of slaves. They found ways to grow together as a culture by meeting in churches and getting educations. This, in term, blended cultural and social tendencies together which strengthened the people as a whole. In the article below it introduces people to the black church and the cultural values it provided for many families across the United States.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Hello fellow classmates it's ya boi and i'm here to talk about westward expansion. Many people and companies wanted to seek out the idea of westward expansion for many reasons, largely economic. The main reason was to make and build cheaper factories, pay less taxes, and pay little amounts of money for labor. The idea of this westward expansion became a reality thanks to the manifest destiny. People thought it was good for America.  It granted westward expansion to all Americans which caused a giant westward movement/migration.

A similiar comparison can be made to the foreign expansion of US companies over the past 20 years. Companies were looking for many of the same benefits that the people of Manifest Destiny were looking for, cheaper labor, cheaper real eastate and more economic opportunity.  However, in the latest version of westward expansion many communities lost everything. People were losing jobs and possible opportunities  due to the westward exportation of factories and other products. Entire communities lost their way of live and lost entire communities.  This can be seen as similar to how the Native Americans lost their way of life and were displaced. It is very similiar.

Although we talk about how it was good for the people to move west, we don't pay attention to whats happening to the local commumities or the Native American people. I have a link to an article from a show that talks about the decimation of detroit due to companies going overseas for cheaper labor and less taxes that is very similar to this situation. In my opinion he talks about a "corporate westward expansion" and it is very interesting. http://www.vice.com/read/viceland-abandoned-premiere-rick-mccrank-skating

There is always a reaction to every action. Not all of the reactions are good. Remember, we all benefitted from the destruction of these societies. In the 1800's America's economy grew and our Nation grew, but the Native Americans lost their way of life. In the past 20 years Americans got cheaper products and more profit but Detroit lost entire communities.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

The animals we see in our local zoos are very different from the animals that we actually have living in the area. Most of the animals that live in the zoo are very exotic and are found in different places around the world. We may not think these animals are strange but the natives of early america did when the europeans brought over the local animals that live in their area.

Many animals that were in early america actually originated in Europe. These animals include large dogs, cats, chickens, horses and other livestock. These animals changed the way that the natives lived both positively and negatively. Because these animals were foreign to the natives many diseases started to form and kill the natives. It had no effect on the settlers because they were already used to these animals but the different diseases that formed almost wiped out the entire native population. These diseases include malaria, smallpox, and measles.

Although we remember the positives of animals; transportation, food, and productivity, the outcome of bringing them to the new world almost caused the genocide of the native american population. This is what primarily caused the native americans to loose power during early america.

Here is a link to a website that has a good article.  They author talks about lowering the voting age to 16 so young Americans can have more of a choice in our future. I agree with the author. He uses the example that Jefferson feared blacks like current politicians fear lowering the voting age. If we are going to make a difference, then we should be allowed to chose our future.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Harambe was was and will be forever remembered as a historic icon. Today Harambe also represents the innocence that is wrongly judged and persecuted. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, he had no other choice. He was made to live in an artificial world that he did not create and did not want.

The situation for Harambe can be seen as a metaphor for many situations in America. Many disaffected youth today believe that they were put into a world that they cannot control and did note make.  Global warming, failed inner cities, fracking, the National debt, the war on terrorism all began before many of us were born.   They are things that happen that the youth of America cannot control.

Harambe was killed because others with the power thought they were doing what was best. That is the same with the current elections. However, those actions had bad consequences for Harambe.  He was killed just because he was being who he was meant to be but in an artificial world.

What happens to the youth of America if the press, the big money companies, and the politicians are wrong? The youth of America who can't vote are just like Harambe.  We have no control to make changes in this artificial world that was created for us. We all are Harambe. We must be freed from out cages and be set free to be happy.  Our zookeepers need to realize that we just want to be free to be ourselves.

Please don't lead us down the same path as Harambe. Build a better jungle and set us free. We don't belong in this zoo.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016