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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Immigration Blog

In the early 1920's the United States had many immigrants from Europe and even Asia migrate to come explore a new land with hopes for a fresh start. The increased immigration did lead to increased jobs, however, it also made it harder to find a home due to all of the overcrowding. This in term led to the United States passing immigration laws that prohibited refugees from entering and living in the United States. These laws did help but in hurt the government's public image. Turning down people from other countries seemed heartless in the eyes of others and one of the most famous cases of this was in 1939. FDR did not let 907 Jews from Europe enter and because of this they went back to there homeland only to be hunted and killed in gas chambers by the Germans. Did FDR make the right decision? I think he did and it was very unlucky how the Jews were sent back during the holocaust. That's just my opinion.


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Chris Hughes

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